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Welcome to OpenSeizureDetector

OpenSeizureDetector is a system to detect and alarm epileptic seizures without contact with the patient or bed etc.

Digital Video Monitors

Graham Jones

I converted my analogue monitoring system to digital by installing a wifi ip camera in Benjamin's bedroom and connecting it to my home network.

I connected a Raspberry Pi single board computer to each monitor, and installed a small wifi usb adapter into the raspberry pi's to connect them to the network.

Setting the raspberry pi omxplayer video player to start on boot-up allows me to display the image and play sound from the ip camera.

I discovered that if I scale the omxplayer screen a bit, I can free up a bit of screen to use for something else.
In this case I wrote a simple python script that uses the pygame library to write to the spare bit of screen. The python script talks to the seizure detector program that is running on a more powerful computer via a web interface and displays the seizure detector results. The colour of the screen background is changed to signify 'OK', 'Warning' or 'Alarm' states from the seizure detector.
When the seizure detector is reliable enough it will produce an audible alarm too.

I also connected a small microswitch to the Raspberry Pi's which is also monitored by the program. Each time the switch is pressed, the ip camera is instructed to move to a different preset position, allowing us to look around the room.

The source code that runs on the Raspberry Pi's is available in a separate as part of the OpenSeizureDetector github repository.

In the above picture you can see the cone of light on the right hand side of the image, which is the Infrared laser in the Kinect, which is scaning that part of the room to look for Benjamin.

Our house is quite large, with good solid walls, so our wifi network configuration is a bit complicated - need two access points. The following picture shows the connection of the Raspberry Pi BenTV's to the network, along with the IP camera in Benjamin's room.